Sworn deputies to vote on breaking away from Deputy Sheriff's Association union

Sworn sheriff’s deputies and sergeants took a tentative step away from the powerful Deputy Sheriffs Association Tuesday, as the Board of Supervisors approved a union election that could leave the law enforcement personnel with a new bargaining unit.

The 5-0 vote to allow officers to vote on new representation is the culmination of efforts that began more than a year ago.

The board action Tuesday will give sworn sheriff’s personnel a choice of being represented by the Deputy Sheriffs Association, the Association of San Luis Obispo County Deputy Sheriffs, or neither.

That election will take place within 45 days.

Dispatchers, correctional officers, forensics specialists, support staff and others would remain with the DSA.

Sr. Deputy Patrick Zuchelli, acting president of the ASLOCDS, said Tuesday that sworn deputies wanted to move out on their own rather than belong to a blended union.