SLO to consider cheaper golf

Golfers at Laguna Lake Golf Course may get a price break if they play frequently in off-peak hours, and they may even get an opportunity to buy a beer at the end of a round, depending on what the San Luis Obispo City Council decides tonight.

The council will hear a report on best practices to implement at the “executive length” course in the southwest portion of the city. That course has mostly par 3 but also two par 4 holes.

Like other courses, the Laguna Lake course has felt the effects of the down economy, city officials said.

“Some of the bigger courses started offering specials, so I think we lost some business to that,” said Todd Bunte, course supervisor.

The actions under consideration follow the council’s decision to raise fees by $2 per round in the spring to $11 for those who play before 3 p.m. (It’s $8.25 per round after 3 p.m.)

The staff is bringing back recommendations to lower the round fees from $11 to $10 for those who play from noon to 3 p.m. Monday through Thursday; consider a six-month pilot program where golfers can pay $109 for unlimited golf from noon to closing; and pursue bids from concessionaires who would sell food and possibly alcohol.

Alcohol has not been available at the course for at least the past four decades, city officials said.