The fabulous bargains of Christmases past

December 7, 1966

These were my prime Christmas years, and Rexall had it all.

It would still be a few years before I moved up to the Kodak instamatic camera outfit with flashcubes and automatic film advance. Later models would include a flash cube tower to help eliminate red eye. My first camera was the Kodak Brownie. Forget to wind it, or fail to fully wind the film forward, and the exposures would stack up on the same frame. For those of you who just couldn’t wait to develop film, you could get a Polaroid Swinger.

Check out the other stuff absent from today’s shelves:

The most disturbing image is the Ideal THRUSH Weapon pointed at Santa Claus.

As we all know, THRUSH stands for Technological Hierarchy for the Removal of Undesirables and the Subjugation of Humanity. (That is if you read the companion fourth paperback to the television series. Show producers insisted the acronym had no meaning.) THRUSH wouldn’t hesitate a moment if rubbing out the jolly old elf advanced their nefarious goals.

The United Network Command for Law and Enforcement, or UNCLE, was on our side. “The Man From UNCLE” was great TV of the time. I also enjoyed Mission Impossible and Mod Squad when they came along. I probably would not have watched the Woman from UNCLE, though.

Girls just weren’t that interesting at the time. That show only lasted one season.