Cold and windy conditions forecast for San Luis Obispo County today

Expect it to be cold and windy around San Luis Obispo County today.

Temperatures in the North County and other interior areas are forecast to only reach the high 40s, while the coastal valleys and beaches should reach the low to mid 50s, according to John Lindsey, meteorologist at Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant.

Gale force winds are expected to blow 32 to 46 mph, with gusts of over 55 mph possible through tonight, Lindsey said.

Northwesterly winds at Diablo Canyon Power Plant reached 40 mph sustained with a gust of over 53 mph at 4 this morning, Lindsey said.

The morning clouds should clear by this afternoon, and the winds should calm by Wednesday morning. Overnight temperatures are expected to be cold, with the interior reaching the mid 20s, the coastal valleys reaching the low to mid 30s and the shoreline reaching the mid to high 30s.

Fair weather is expected Thursday through Saturday with "beautiful conditions" forecast for Christmas Day, Lindsey said.

A low-pressure system may move over the area late Sunday through early Monday. Rainfall should range between .25 and .75 inches.

No significant storms are expected through New Year's Day.