Los Osos woman's mortgage check stolen out of mailbox, forged and then cashed

Sheriff's deputies are looking for a someone who stole a mortgage payment check out of a mailbox and later cashed it.

A resident of 15th Street said she mailed her mortgage payment on Nov. 10. She was later notified by her mortgage company that the payment had not arrived.

After contacting her bank, the woman found out that the check had been altered and cashed at the U.S. Bank branch inside Ralph's supermarket in Los Osos on Nov. 12.

The person who cashed the check changed the name on it and was able to pass it off as legitimate at the bank.

Anyone recognizing the suspect in the surveillance photos is asked to call sheriff's detectives at 781-4500.

People are urged to use special ink pens that resist alteration when writing checks. Such pens are available at most office supply stores.

-Larissa Doust