Thunderstorms expected in San Luis Obispo County today

Thunder, lightning, brief periods of heavy rain, hail and strong winds are forecast for San Luis Obispo County today.

Temperatures around the Central Coast are about 20 degrees warmer Friday morning than they were Wednesday morning, according to John Lindsey, a meteorologist at Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant. The warm front is causing instability in the atmosphere, which is expected to lead to thunderstorms.

The storms were still about 75 miles out to sea early Friday morning, Lindsey said, but were expected to move eastward and hit the county by late morning.

The thunder is expected to taper off Friday evening, but the rain is expected to continue.

High temperatures are expected in the 50s and 60s, with overnight temperatures remaining in the 40s and 50s.

Another rain system is expected to arrive over San Luis Obispo County by Saturday morning, Lindsey said. Rain - heavy at times - and winds from 19 to 31 mph should develop by Saturday afternoon through night, turning to showers by Sunday morning.

Fair and dry weather is forecast for Monday, before clouds are expected to increase Tuesday morning, leading to rain late Tuesday night.

Dry weather is then expected through the following weekend.

-Larissa Doust