Cuesta College board might discuss possible layoffs in disabled students program

The board that controls Cuesta College is expected to discuss a proposal that will lead to some kind of layoffs in the program that serves disabled students at its 4 p.m. meeting.

But the board agenda item is not clear on what actions will be taken. Instead, it mentions a list of four scenarios and staff suggests the board adopt scenario number three, without any explanation about what scenario number three happens to be. Attached to the one-page board report is a resolution that deals with laying off classified staff.

Cuesta spokeswoman Jill Ivie Beck said that the scenarios will be discussed at the meeting that is expected to go through the early evening. The unions on campus are worried that the proposal will lead to layoffs of one full-time faculty member and reassignment of other faculty, as well as the elimination of classified staff in the Disabled Students Programs and Services.

The Brown Act in California requires the press and public have access to all information that will be used by a board like the one that supervises the San Luis Obispo County Community College District to make decisions.

Beck said that the board members have not received any additional information beyond what is in the board packet for the public.

The meeting will take place in Room 5401 of the Cuesta College Student Center.

--Sally Connell