SLO County Roundup

Grover Beach

A preliminary hearing in the case of a man who allegedly made a Molotov cocktail and threatened police by grabbing for a gun before he was shot is scheduled for a preliminary hearing on Tuesday.

Randal Corvey of Grover Beach had a homemade bomb and was on drugs before he was shot by a police officer Oct. 18, according to a District Attorney’s Office report.

Corvey, 49, was found by officers in his backyard at 142 N. 10th St. wearing a gunbelt containing what appeared to be a handgun, talking to himself and acting agitated and erratic, according to the report.

The two officers — Stephen Ball and Mike Hollis — tried to talk to him before he ran at them and a struggle ensued. Both officers said they were splashed with a clear liquid from a bottle, which had a strong odor of gasoline.

Corvey allegedly grabbed for Hollis’ gun, but Hollis took hold of the gun and shot Corvey, resulting in a grazing wound to Corvey’s head.

A blood test found that Corvey was under the influence of amphetamines, methamphetamine and THC, the main mind-altering substance in marijuana, according to the report.

He has pleaded not guilty to drug-related and assault charges.

— Nick Wilson

SLO County

The Central Coast Commission for Senior Citizens is taking nominations for new members of the Area Agency on Aging Advisory Council.

The objective of the Area Agency on Aging is to develop a comprehensive and coordinated support service system for older people in the area.

A council of 30 members advises the commission on planning and administration of the agency’s plan and appropriating more than $3 million for the provision of senior-citizen services in San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara counties.

At least 51 percent of the council is composed of seniors. Council members should be able to advocate for older people and have knowledge of legislative proposals, policies and budgets. For more information, call Lee Diaz at 925-9554 or 541-0384.

— Julia Hickey