Pismo police hope My Cop will solve long-term problems

The Pismo Beach Police Department has announced a new program designed to use open talks between the public and its officers to solve longstanding problems.

The My Cop program will offer the public a chance to interact with individual officers assigned to zones within the city and to identify and solve non-emergency, long-term issues.

The types of problems officers will be assigned to include loud noise disturbances, parking issues, minor vandalisms or any basic law enforcement questions from the public.

“It is anticipated that the program will be able to address concerns before they escalate into major problems,” Cmdr. Mark T. Miller said.

The program encourages the public to use a Web-based system in which people can find a designated officer and send e-mails to that person.

Those without computers who’d like to participate in the program may call an on-duty watch commander at 773-7026.

The program is designed so that officers can provide more personal service to residents.

“Obviously (officers) won’t be working every day, but he or she will be certain to get back to you on the nonemergency issues that you may have within your zone,” Miller said.

The traditional method of reporting a crime or emergency won’t change, and people may call 911 or the department’s dispatch line at 773-2208.

A personal profile of each officer assigned to city zones is available online.

More details, and registration to the My Cop program, are available on the Web site www.pismo beach.org under the Police Department and My Cop program links.