Bob Wacker of San Luis Obispo featured in Wall Street Journal financial tips article

Bob Wacker of San Luis Obispo was part of a panel of financial advisers highlighted in an article in today’s Wall Street Journal.

He and five other financial advisers were interviewed in a question-and-answer article that was the cover story for a special section in the newspaper. The question they addressed was, “What should you do with your money in 2010?”

Daisy Maxey, a Dow Jones Newswires reporter, conducted the session. Topics covered included expectations for the coming year, preparing for tax changes, where to put cash on hand, and converting from a traditional Individual Retirement Account to a Roth IRA.

On the overall outlook, Wacker said that he is advising clients toward quality stocks that provide steady revenue and which have good balance sheets. Wacker is concerned with how rising interest rates could hurt bonds.

Of the panelists, four were from the East Coast. One was from the Midwest, and Wacker was the only one from the West.

-- Tad Weber