Dan De Vaul still waiting still waiting to hear official word from 'Good Morning America'

The embattled San Luis Obispo rancher who is appealing his conviction on two guilty verdicts over use of his ranch that serves the homeless is still waiting for official word for an appearance on “Good Morning America.”

Dan De Vaul said that a representative from the national show is moving forward with researching and preparing the segment on De Vaul’s Sunny Acres farm, but official word on the go-ahead from the program’s New York executives hasn’t yet been given.

De Vaul said that if “Good Morning America” decides to air the segment on his dispute with the county over building and safety violations on his property, they’ll conduct the filming at the ranch on Los Osos Valley Road.

No talk about any cancellation of the filming on his ranch has occurred in his conversations with “Good Morning America” officials, De Vaul said.

County Supervisor Bruce Gibson told The Tribune that he was contacted by a “Good Morning America” producer as well to possibly give comment from the county’s position on the Sunny Acres situation.

De Vaul said he also is in talks with “Larry King Live” about a possible interview on that show next week.

--Nick Wilson