Dispute closes recycling center in San Luis Obispo

A recycling center in San Luis Obispo has closed because of the ongoing dispute between the state and recycling companies.

But consumers can still turn in their glass and plastic bottles and aluminum cans at buy-back locations that remain open throughout the county.

Saturday was the last day of operation for the recycling drop-off behind the Marigold Center on Broad Street in San Luis Obispo.

The site was closed because the state is no longer providing the monthly subsidies needed to keep it profitable, said Tom Martin, general manager of San Luis Garbage. A $3,000 per month subsidy was lost because of the state’s budget crisis.

Martin said he would consider reopening the recycling center if the subsidy were restored. It costs about $40,000 to staff the center.

Here is a list of many buy-back locations that continue to operate in the county. It is not comprehensive, but does show centers throughout the county still open:

These centers were listed as open on Tuesday by the companies that operate them. For the latest information, visit www.nexcycle california.com and www.replanetusa.com.

Salvage companies also take redeemable materials. For more information, look up the county’s Integrated Waste Management Authority Web site at www.iwma.com.