Atascadero receives $30,000 in donations for new zoo entrance

Atascadero recently received $30,000 in donations to help defray the costs of the construction of the new entrance at the Charles Paddock Zoo.

The Central Coast Zoo Society donated $20,000 and the Atascadero Wine Festival Committee donated $10,000 to assist with the more than $350,000 improvements being made.

Over the past two years, the zoo society has donated over $150,000 in services to the zoo including a new Web site, conceptual drawings for phase one of the zoo’s master plan, marketing and advertising the zoo and its programs, education programs for the zoo, and other contributions.

Proceeds from the Atascadero Wine Festival have also been long dedicated to the zoo to help upgrade existing animal exhibits and create new ones.

The zoo, owned and operated by the city, is one of only 211 zoos and aquariums accredited by the National Association of Zoos and Aquariums.

--AnnMarie Cornejo