Dan De Vaul may appear on 'Good Morning America,' 'Larry King Live'

The San Luis Obispo rancher convicted in September of two misdemeanor charges of violating fire safety and vehicle storage laws could appear on “Good Morning America” and “Larry King Live” in coming days.

Dan De Vaul, 66, who provides shelter for the homeless and substance abuse programs at his ranch, has spoken with representatives from “Good Morning America” and will receive confirmation later today or Tuesday on whether he’ll appear on the program sometime this week.

“It looks like it’s going to happen,” De Vaul said. “I’m just waiting for confirmation.”

De Vaul said he hopes to book the “Larry King Live” appearance for next week so the interview doesn’t conflict with going on “Good Morning America.” No specific days for his possible on-air appearances have been determined, De Vaul said.

De Vaul said a former juror from his trial, Mary Partin, who bailed him out of jail last week, could appear with him on one or both programs.

Partin voted guilty with her peers on two of the nine charges against De Vaul, but felt she was forced into her vote and feels strongly about De Vaul’s innocence and wanted to help him.

A motion for a new trial based on Partin’s declaration was denied and De Vaul is now appealing his conviction in a higher court.

De Vaul has been a thorn in the side of the county for alleged building and safety violations that have resulted in years of warnings and inspections. The county is seeking his compliance with code on his 72-acre Sunny Acres farm where he and his tenants grow tomatoes and other produce.

De Vaul said that planning costs to build a new facility on his property are exorbitant and argues that he provides a service needed in the county without harming anyone.