Los Osos sewer project gets updated

County supervisors Tuesday approved changes to the Los Osos sewer project in an effort to satisfy concerns from the state Coastal Commission.

The changes are intended to ensure that all of the wastewater generated by the new sewer system is disposed in the Los Osos groundwater basin. Supervisor Bruce Gibson, whose district includes Los Osos, described the changes as “relatively minor.”

Murry Wilson, an environmental specialist with the project, said Coastal Commission staff is satisfied with the changes. Project managers are hoping the commission will withdraw its appeal of the project.

More than 20 other groups and individuals have appealed the sewer project to the Coastal Commission, however. Several complained that the changes would render their appeals moot, and they would have to file new ones.

Chief Deputy County Council Tim McNulty disagreed. The changes were made to one of the project’s conditions of approval, leaving the rest of the project unchanged. Only appeals dealing with the altered condition would have to be refiled, he said.

The Coastal Commission hearing is expected to be held in January.

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