Ian Parkinson plans 'Girls' Night Out' fundraiser tonight at Palm Theater

Ian Parkinson, a San Luis Obispo police captain who is running for county sheriff, is holding a “Girls’ Night Out” fundraising event tonight at the Palm Theater.

“It’s just a fundraiser,” Parkinson said today. “The theory is that people get tired of barbecues, and this is a different kind of fundraiser.”

The event starts before the 9:30 p.m. screening of the movie “Love Actually” and the price of admission is included in the $25 price for the fundraiser.

He said his wife, Amy, is going with a group of her girlfriends and that’s what he hopes other groups of women will do. His fliers for the event said that he will be present before and after the movie.

Parkinson said there will also be a Dec. 19 fundraiser at the same theater for children to see the movie “Elf” at 11 a.m. The price is expected to be less, he said, although that has not been firmed up yet.