Feral pigs in SLO neighborhood reportedly keep mountain lion coming back for more

Brittany Couch was already keeping her animals in at night, after seeing a mountain lion behind her house kill a piglet in its mouth two weeks ago. It didn’t help that she saw one again early Thursday morning.

Couch lives in the neighborhood of Mission and Chorro streets not far from downtown San Luis Obispo. Her yard backs up against Old Garden Creek, the drainage for Bishop Peak and much of the Foothill Boulevard area.

She assumed Thursday’s visitor, which police report was in the area about 2:50 a.m., was the same cat she saw two weeks ago.

“It didn’t ever occur to me to call police,” she said of the earlier episode. “We heard it then because we heard the piglet screaming and die. It jumped down then and walked away with it in its mouth.”

Police responded to the creek area that borders Couch’s yard. Police are asking citizens to call the department if they see a mountain lion in San Luis Obispo neighborhoods.

Neighbors reported to police that there had been wild pigs in the creek area, said Lt. Steve Tolley, and the suspicion is that the lion’s meal was some kind of feral pig.