Atascadero woman sentenced to six years in prison for abusing granddaughter

An Atascadero woman who pleaded no contest in June to locking her 9-year-old granddaughter in closets for days and depriving her of food was sentenced this morning to six years in prison.

Tami Underwood was charged with felony child endangerment in connection with the alleged mistreatment of her granddaughter.

A no-contest plea allows her to be convicted without admitting guilt.

Underwood was arrested in March on suspicion mistreating her granddaughter at her home in the 5700 block of Carrizo Road. The house was intentionally set on fire in April.

Prosecutors said Underwood forced the girl to stay in two closets, refused to allow her to use the bathroom, beat her and made her defecate in bottles.

Atascadero school officials told county Social Services in March that the girl was repeatedly missing class.

Underwood was arrested in Roseburg, Ore., and then extradited to California.

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