Snack time: Bat makes meal of mealworm

To help educate the community about bats, officials from the California Bat Conservation Fund and the Pacific Wildlife Center in Morro Bay recently showcased two species of bats.

Fund conservationist Melinda Alvarado displayed the species Wednesday at the Morro Bay Library — the pallid and myotis californicus.

The program is part of the fund’s goal of clearing up misconceptions about bats by holding educational programs using live bat displays.

Alvarado’s presentation included information on where bats live and how they contribute to the environment by feeding on insects.

Four additional bat displays will be held at the Children’s Museum in San Luis Obispo on Friday. Information is available on the Children’s Museum Web site at www.slocm.org.

Information on bats and conservation efforts involving them is available at www.californiabats.com.

— Sona Patel