Woman fends off purse snatcher in San Luis Obispo

A woman walking down a San Luis Obispo street Monday evening was able to fight off a man who attempted to steal her purse, according to police.

The woman, a 23-year-old San Luis Obispo resident, was walking south on Nipomo Street near the Pismo Street intersection at 7:15 p.m. when she heard footsteps from behind, according to a press release from the San Luis Obispo Police Department.

As the woman turned around, a man grabbed her purse. As she resisted, the man grabbed her hair, according to police. The woman was able to fight off the attack and the suspect ran away without the purse.

The woman could not provide any specific details about the suspect.

The woman reported the incident to police at 10:15 p.m. Monday.

Anyone with information is asked to call the police department at 781-7317.

-Larissa Doust

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