City loans to help fix homes in Grover Beach

Grover Beach homeowners may be eligible for up to $20,000 in zero- or low-interest loans for home repairs as part of a new program aimed at very low-to moderate-income residents.

The Home Repair Loan Program would disburse no-interest loans to owner-occupied homes and 3 percent interest loans to renter-occupied properties, according to Cassandra Mesa, a Grover Beach building and planning technician.

The money can be used on correcting structural and framing defects, roofs, leaking water fixtures, window and door repairs, smoke detectors and water heater strapping.

Loans would be repaid upon sale of the property, Mesa said.

The money comes from low- and moderate-income housing funds from the city and will be disbursed to property owners based on county standards for extremely low- to moderate-income residents.

As of Sept. 1, the county’s standard for a single-person residence with a very low income is capped out at $24,800 annually, and with a moderate income, at $59,450 annually. Those standards could change monthly, Mesa said.

Mesa said the program could last for at least a year, depending on how many applications the city receives.

The city is working with the Community Action Partnership of SLO County, which will do inspections of properties and take note of repairs that may be necessary, Mesa said.

City officials will recommend that residents use local contractors for repair work, but it is not a requirement to receive the loan money, Mesa said.

More Info

For more information about the Home Repair Loan Program in Grover Beach, contact the Community Action Partner-ship of SLO County at 541-4122.