Fire destroys Cambria motel's outbuilding

A fire reported about 6 a.m. Thursday gutted a side building at an oceanfront Cambria motel. Nobody was injured.

The detached building in the 6600 block of Moonstone Beach Drive was used for storage, putting together breakfasts, and as a laundry.

Firefighters said they haven’t yet determined the fire’s cause. When they arrived, according to Cambria Fire Chief Mark Miller, flames filled the side building and had broken through the small building’s southern eave.

Motel owners Ed and Diane Maher said the two rooms nearest the fire were vacant Wednesday night.

Some of the guests in the eight occupied rooms of the two-story Castle Inn said they were roused by a female guest from another motel who happened to be taking her morning constitutional along the scenic drive. She banged on doors, yelling “Fire! Get out!”

— Kathe Tanner