Senior flu shot clinics slated

Following an onslaught of seniors wanting flu shots at a mass vaccination drill last week, the county Public Health Department has scheduled flu shot clinics on Wednesday for seniors in Cambria and Templeton.

People over age 60 are eligible. The cost is $20.

One clinic will be held from 8:30 to 10:30 a.m. at the Templeton Community Center, 601 South Main St. The next clinic will be held from 12:30 to 2:30 p.m. at Rabobank, 1070 Main St. in Cambria.

More than 3,200 flu vaccines were administered on Wednesday in San Luis Obispo, Morro Bay, Grover Beach and Paso Robles. During the first three hours of the drill, some 1,600 people were vaccinated, which is the same number vaccinated in seven hours in November 2008.

Shots were available to emergency responders, county employees and their families, seniors and people with chronic medical conditions.

“Due to the onslaught of members of the public over 60 — who are at highest risk of seasonal flu — attending sites Wednesday, vaccine supply available to first responders, county employees and family members was limited,” said Michelle Shoresman, health department spokeswoman.

As a result, more clinics for first responders and county employees are planned, but specifics are not available. The health department also plans to administer flu shots to the public by appointment at department offices depending on availability of the vaccine.

For more information, call the Public Health Department at 781-5500.

People covered by Medicare or Medi-Cal who belong to a managed care plan or HMO should go to their regular health-care provider for flu shots. Other flu vaccination opportunities can be found at www.flucliniclocator.org.