UPDATE: No tsunami problems so far in Morro Bay

A petty officer at the U.S. Coast Guard station in Morro Bay reported no impact as of 9:30 tonight from the tsunami that was created by the huge earthquake near America Samoa earlier in the day.

“I am looking out the window at the bay right now, and I don’t see anything different,” he said.

The California and Oregon coastlines were placed under a tsunami advisory, and in response, Morro Bay police closed Embarcadero and Coleman streets along the city’s waterfront.

In another precautionary move, Cal Fire moved some 50 campers at the Oceano Dunes away from their ocean-front campsites, according to Ron Alsop of county emergency services. He added that the piers were closed at Cayucos and Avila Beach.

The rise in sea level was expected to reach the San Luis Obispo County coastline shortly after 9 p.m. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration officials expected the sea to rise about 24 inches at Port San Luis.

The tsunami advisory remains in place into early-morning hours Wednesday.