Private court records now off-limits to most employees after alleged sale by insider

County courthouse officials have announced they’re restricting access to search warrant records in the wake of an alleged sale of court information by an insider.

Officials say search warrant records are being locked up and only a select few employees may access them.

Court Executive Officer Susan Matherly said that about 30 court employees previously had access to the warrants – which contain key information about law enforcement investigations.

Former Superior Court Clerk Juvenal Marin, 24, of Santa Maria, was arrested on Sept. 3 after a three-month investigation into his alleged sale of court information, Sheriff's Department officials said.

Marin is being charged with the alleged crimes of using unauthorized computer access and removing public records.

Marin is scheduled for arraignment in court on Thursday. Court officials also are conducting an audit of Marin’s computer actions, which indicate his research of documents.

Matherly said that almost every item of information available to most court employees now is public record and that all confidential court information is limited to fewer hands.

--Nick Wilson