SLO County Roundup

SLO County

The county Public Health Department administered 3,200 seasonal flu vaccinations Wednesday to first responders and seniors at locations across the county.

It used the clinics as a way to vaccinate early those who could get the disease and be carriers in an attempt to stop its spread, health officials report. But they also served as a training exercise for administering vaccines quickly in a pandemic.

The clinics served first responders, county employees, seniors and those with health conditions that put them at higher risk from the flu, conditions such as asthma or a suppressed immune system.

Vaccines for the H1N1 or swine flu variety are expected to be available by the end of October, although experts are saying it may be administered to a population slightly different from the one usually threatened by seasonal flu. The H1N1 flu has proven to be a higher risk to healthy young people than seasonal flu.

— Sally Connell

San Luis Obispo

The smiling face of Jim Lindholm will greet visitors to the county government center as supervisors have approved a plaque honoring the late county counsel to hang in a “a prominent place.”

Lindholm, the first county counsel, was lauded by county supervisors, co-workers and friends during a ceremony Tuesday. He died in February 2008 of pancreatic cancer at 64.

Lindholm was widely liked and respected, speakers said. His successor, Warren Jensen, told of how Lindholm always gave positive feedback, making the County Counsel’s Office a friendly place to workJac Crawford, now a Superior Court judge but for many years Lindholm’s right-hand man, added that Lindholm was both tenacious and legally astute.

Crawford recalled that the District Attorney’s Office vehemently fought creation of the County Counsel’s Office in 1977, but Lindholm, then only 33, who knew he had the law on his side, persevered.

Lindholm was respected statewide, Crawford added.

Marti Lindholm, Jim’s widow, accepted the honors, and, in a moving speech, told of how much Lindholm loved his job and his co-workers.

— Bob Cuddy

SLO County

Commuters can ride any bus in the county for free during the first week of October to kick off Rideshare Month.

County residents can get a free trip if they wear a “Commute for Cash” button, which will be available at a kickoff event at SLO Farmer’s Market on Oct. 1 and in more than 600 goodie bags to be handed out at major transit stops during that week, according to SLO Rideshare officials.

Other events taking place during Rideshare Month include a vanpool contest Oct. 12 to 16 where riders submit stories and photos for a chance to win gift certificates, iPods or a plasma TV.

Other sponsored events include Carpool Week and Bike and Walk Week. Each week includes a different set of prizes, event organizers said.

The Commute for Cash Challenge offers rewards for people seeking out alternatives to driving alone. To participate, teams of two to five people can register online at www.rideshare.org.

From there, commuters can log their trips made by a qualifying mode of transportation for a chance to win cash every Friday — up to $75 per team member. Eligibility and rules are available on the Web site.

— Sona Patel