Police/Fire Log


A brush fire near Highway 41 East threatened a residence and burned almost 2 acres Wednesday.

The fire, which started shortly after 4 p.m., was likely caused by downed power lines, Atascadero Fire Capt. Bill White said. The fire started small but grew quickly because of high winds, White said.

About 1,200 nearby residents lost power for more than four hours as Pacific Gas and Electric Co. worked to repair the fallen power lines, and traffic was diverted from a portion of Highway 41 for several hours.

Morro Bay

A bar was hit Tuesday night by a vandal who shattered the front window with a small explosive device.

The vandalism happened just before 9 p.m. at the Fuel Dock on Main Street when an unidentified male about 20 years old, wearing a dark hooded sweatshirt and camouflage pants, walked up to the window and attached the device. It detonated seconds later, completely shattering the window.

The explosive device — called a seal bomb by fishermen — is often used to scare mammals away from fishing grounds. Glass fragments were blown into the bar, but no one was injured.

The vandal, observed by the bartender, fled on foot, and police were not able to find him. A possible suspect was later contacted by police. No arrests have been made.

The Morro Bay Police Department is asking anyone with information about the incident to call 772-6225.

Grover Beach

Police are looking for two teenagers who caused more than $4,000 in damage when they broke windows at a new home under construction on Baden Avenue earlier this month.

On April 4, a witness saw two boys, about 14 years old, break seven double-pane windows at the house in the 1500 block of Baden Avenue. The boys are both described as wearing blue jeans and tennis shoes.

When the juveniles fled, they left behind both their bikes and helmets. Police hope the bicycle descriptions will help identify the youth.

A newer red Diamondback Response mountain bike and a red helmet with an Atari sticker, and an older silver Roadmaster bike with a purple or pink stripe and a purple Bell helmet are being held at the police station.

Anyone with information is asked to call 473-4511.

—AnnMarie Cornejo