Local students weigh in on the events at Virginia Tech.

“I pray. That’s about it. I pray that it does not come here. I ask myself why — why would anybody want to do that.”

Cuesta student Tiffany Quinones, 29

“Honestly, I was a little surprised that not everyone made a big deal about it. I read about it at a computer class and showed it to somebody and they kind of shrugged it off.”

Cuesta student Travis Hawley, 21

“I wouldn’t expect this type of thing to happen at that type of school. For all those students that worked so hard to get in, and then this to happen, it’s sad.”

Cal Poly student Maria Contreras, 19

“The police at Cal Poly do a good job. Recently, there was a big (police) response to an incident where someone thought there was a gun on campus. I think it turned out to be a flashlight or something, but I think the police were right to do that.”

Cal Poly student Joshua Roepke, 25

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