Morro Bay asks for input on city's growth via telephone survey

Morro Bay
Morro Bay The Tribune

Morro Bay city leaders are encouraging residents, business owners and visitors to share their thoughts to help them guide the city’s future growth.

Residents may call 1-805-623-4422, toll free, to express their views as part of a two-minute survey.

Those participating in Morro Bay’s Vision & Values survey will need to enter a location code to participate.

Location codes can be found on signs posted throughout the city — in areas including City Hall, Morro Bay High School and Morro Rock parking lot.

The codes, obtained by callers from the signs, will enable the city to identify the sections of the city people are calling from. The phone messages can be made anonymously.

The feedback will help inform city officials as they develop Vision & Values statements and update the city’s General Plan (master plan for growth) and Local Coastal Plan.

In order to implement the program, the city has partnered with the nonprofit Code for America to use the platform City Voice, a free tool to conduct surveys. The nonprofit has worked with numerous cities, including Austin, Texas, and Oakland, Calif., to conduct surveys.

The Morro Bay survey will be conducted through Oct. 12 and may be extended if the city believes it needs to gather more information. Signs have been posted throughout the community to invite people to participate.

The survey asks participants to identify three top values that should guide the city over the next two decades.

The city is opting to use a phone survey because it caters to an older population that may not use social media or choose to give input online, according to the city’s website, or who may not have time to attend city meetings.

The system allows the city to track the area that a resident or visitor is calling from, and citizens can go to http://morro-bay-cityvoice.herokuapp.com/ to listen to the comments.