Man found dead in Cayucos is identified

The man who was found dead Aug. 8 on a hiking trail in Cayucos has been identified as Steven Lynn Weaver, 63, of Cayucos.

An autopsy found that he died of natural causes, according to a news release from the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office.

“There is no indication of an animal attack prior to his death,” the Sheriff’s Office said. “Weaver’s body did exhibit animal-related injuries to three fingers on his right hand, but it has been determined those injuries” occurred after his death — and were “caused by a small carrion feeder, possibly a skunk or raccoon, based on the size of the bite marks on the victim’s hand.”

Next of kin were notified, the Sheriff’s Office said.

Weaver had taken a walk with his dog on a popular hiking trail near Gilbert Street on Saturday. When he didn’t return, neighbors began searching and found him dead. Some had speculated that a mountain lion may have killed him because some neighbors reported seeing a mountain lion in the area that night.

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