Los Osos exceeds water conservation goals

The Los Osos Community Services says its customers reduced water use by 46.31 percent in June compared with June 2014.

District officials said that, as part of the governor’s emergency drought order, Los Osos CSD is required to reduce potable water usage by 25 percent over 2013 baseline numbers.

Customers far exceeded that goal in June, using 52 percent less water this year compared with June 2013.

“The district set its own goal to reduce water use to 50 gallons per person per day,” said Kathy Kivley, the district’s general manager, in a statement. “We’re nearly there. Customers used an average of 50.96 gallons of water per person per day in June.”

Customers lowered that total from its previous average low of 66 gallons per person per day in May. One customer reported using 18.7 gallons per day after employing her water conservation measures.

Customers may calculate daily water usage at http://www.savelosososwater.org.