Troops at Camp Roberts to conduct live-fire aerial gunnery training

The California National Guard’s 1st Battalion, 140th Aviation Regiment will take off from Camp Roberts to conduct live-fire aerial gunnery training on Friday and Saturday.

The exercise will train battalion members to engage threats on the ground using their M240B machine guns, as well as provide experience using night-vision equipment, Cal Guard Sgt. Ian Kummer said.

The eight UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters will take off in the mornings from Camp Roberts north of Paso Robles, where they’ll fly to Fort Hunter Liggett in southern Monterey County, Kummer said.

The helicopters will complete their firing exercises at Fort Hunter Liggett and refuel there. They will return to Camp Roberts at night. The crews will follow a similar schedule each day of the training.

The training comes in preparation for the battalion’s deployment to Kuwait later this year. The 1-140th is part of the California National Guard’s 40th Combat Aviation Brigade, which plans to send more than 1,000 California National Guard soldiers to Kuwait in the fall.

Nearby residents may hear helicopters taking off and landing, but nothing out of the ordinary for the busy base, Kummer said. The shooting will take place at Fort Hunter Liggett.