This is so Central Coast: Tiny beach town’s main drag gets its first 4-way stop

A county work crew installed new stop signs along North Ocean Avenue and Cayucos Drive.
A county work crew installed new stop signs along North Ocean Avenue and Cayucos Drive.

For the first time, Cayucos’ main drag has a four-way stop, and it’s going to take some getting used to for Cayucos residents.

The signs were installed Thursday at the intersection of Cayucos Drive and Ocean Avenue, after San Luis Obispo County Public Works assessed the situation and determined there was a need.

“We’ve had concerns expressed over a period of time,” Traffic Operation Supervisor Michael Britton said, and at an advisory council meeting on the subject he said the county received unanimous support to make the change.

“Being I live here, I’m not excited,” said Katie Bailey, who works the front desk at On the Beach Bed and Breakfast.

On Saturday afternoon, some were struggling with the traffic pattern change, and Bailey was concerned that when tourism business picks up in the summer, traffic could be backed up to Highway 1.

Across the street at Old Cayucos Tavern, bartender Jeremy Barnes welcomed the change, saying it forces drivers to take it slow.

“You see people blazing past all the time,” he said. “There’s a lot of pedestrian foot traffic.”

Lena Bickford, a store clerk at Cayucos Surf Co., said the four-way stop would make it easier for her to cross the street; before the signs went up, some drivers would yield to pedestrians and others wouldn’t.

Bailey and her co-worker, Cynthia Reynolds, agreed that the new signs would make it safer for pedestrians; Reynolds said the change also would make it easier for her to get across the street in her car.

When she saw the signs going up, Reynolds said she thought to herself, “That’ll work. I don’t have to drive through town just to get across.

Britton said the traffic change means drivers in Cayucos need to be more vigilant.

“It’s going to be a new driving experience, so keep your eye out and be careful,” he said.

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