SLO is no longer the happiest city in America, study says

Which city is the happiest in America? Here’s a hint: It’s no longer San Luis Obispo.

In fact, SLO just barely cracked the top five on a National Geographic list compiled by Dan Buettner, the same man who crowned our city the happiest in America in his 2010 book, “Thrive.”

Boulder, Colorado, is now No. 1, followed by Santa Cruz, according to the list. Boulder was chosen because of its sense of community, access to nature, preservation policies and “sustainable urban development,” according to the list.

But take heart, we’re still pretty highly ranked, thanks to our “incredible day trips,” and opportunities to relax at wineries, hike and bike on trails.

Here’s what the top five look like:

1. Boulder, Colorado

2. Santa Cruz, California

3. Charlottesville, Virginia

4. Fort Collins, Colorado

5. San Luis Obispo, California

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