What’s causing the stink in Cambria?

Where’s that stink in Cambria coming from?

According to the Cambria Community Services District, the smell is caused by a clarifier that went down because its wear strips needed repair. The district has ordered new wear strips and they should be here in the next few days, the CCSD said.

A clarifier is a settling tank within a wastewater treatment plant that works to continuously remove solids. While staff was trying to isolate the clarifier, they couldn’t close the isolation gate to the aeration basin. They then had to put solids into the three concrete holding ponds, which caused the stink, the CCSD said.

The isolation gate has been fixed and staff is in the process of pumping the solids back into the aeration basin, the CCSD said.

Work to repair the clarifier will begin Tuesday afternoon, the CCSD said.

Gabby Ferreira: 805-781-7858, @Its_GabbyF