Mountain lion spotted strolling through SLO neighborhood

Mountain lion.
Mountain lion. AP

A resident who lives on the 1900 block of Royal Way in San Luis Obispo spotted a mountain lion walking through a neighborhood early Friday morning near the Laguna Lake Golf Course, police said.

The concerned citizen called the San Luis Obispo Police Department, but officers were unable to locate the cat.

The sighting took place about 5:32 a.m.

According to the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, mountain lion attacks on humans are rare, but people should take precautions if they see one.

“If you are confronted by a mountain lion, make yourself appear larger, more aggressive, make noise, and create distance by slowly walking backwards,” the city said in a statement. “We are reminding citizens if you see a mountain lion please contact your local law enforcement agency.”

Cuesta College biology professor Ron Ruppert and several students reassembled the bones of a young mountain lion killed by a car on Highway 1. The skeleton is now on display in the college's biology lab. Here, Ruppert and student Delaney DeBoer di

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