SLO woman first won a trip to the Olympics. Now she’s scored tickets to the Super Bowl.

Vicki Tucker Luginbill poses for a photo during the 2012 London Olympics.
Vicki Tucker Luginbill poses for a photo during the 2012 London Olympics.

Some people have all the luck. Others work to make theirs better.

In 2012, San Luis Obispo native and avid sweepstakes fan Vicki Tucker Luginbill won an all-expenses-paid trip to the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. This Friday, Tucker Luginbill and her husband, Tom, are hopping on a plane to Houston with free tickets to the Super Bowl LI.

“It’s just a hobby,” she said. “The more you win, the more you want to do it.”

Going to the Super Bowl is a bucket-list item for the Luginbills, who are both lifelong football fans. Tucker Luginbill, a fan of the Oakland Raiders, said they’re rooting for the Atlanta Falcons to win this Sunday against the New England Patriots.

Tucker Luginbill, a retired manicurist, has been entering online sweepstakes contests for about 10 years. She has won everything from T-shirts to Los Angeles Dodgers tickets to a trip to a NASCAR race. They’ve seen an Academy Awards red carpet ceremony and won a trip to the opening of the Mob Museum in Las Vegas, where they renewed their wedding vows along with six other couples in a ceremony officiated by former Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman.

Every morning, Tucker Luginbill sits down at her computer with a cup of coffee and checks websites such as SweepstakesToday.com, LuckyContests.com and OnlineSweepstakes.com for deals.

“I’ve won an iPad and a lot of little things, too ... T-shirts, hats,” she said. “When the UPS truck comes down the street, you think ‘Oh, I wonder if he’s coming to my house.’ 

The Luginbills are looking forward to the trip, which will also be their first time in Houston. The prize, valued at $7,000, is sponsored by Campbell’s Chunky Soup.

Tucker Luginbill said her next goal is to win either a new car or a large amount of cash.

“I think to be successful in this, you really have to do it” consistently, Tucker Luginbill said. “Everybody wants to do it, but they don’t have the commitment to actually sit down and do it.”

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