Morro Bay officer helps deliver baby after hearing screams

The Tribune

A Morro Bay police officer helped deliver a baby early Friday while he was on patrol, after he heard screams coming from a home.

Officer Luke Riddering was in his car on the 2800 block of Birch Avenue when he heard a piercing scream. He followed more screams to a home where a woman was having contractions. He arrived to find the baby’s head beginning to crown and helped the woman as an ambulance was dispatched.

“As soon as the ambulance arrived, the baby girl was born into the hands Officer Riddering,” Morro Bay Commander Jody Cox said.

Four Morro Bay firefighters, along with another police officer, arrived after the delivery to ensure the health and safety of the child.

The mother told first responders that she had visited the hospital a few days before after feeling contractions but was told it was a false alarm and sent home. On Friday, the unexpected labor came on suddenly, Morro Bay officials said. Fire Chief Steve Knuckles called the hospital later in the day to check on the family and was told the mother and baby were healthy.

“To proactively react to a simple scream was extremely perceptive of Officer Luke Riddering,” City Councilman John Headding said. “I’m proud of our police officers and firefighters.”