California blows Florida out of the water as most fun state in the US, ranking says

California is the most fun state to visit in the country, according to a new ranking — not that anyone who lives in California needed a ranking to confirm it.

The Golden State bests No. 2 Florida and No. 3 New York to take the top spot in WalletHub’s 50-state ranking, which is based on data assessing entertainment, recreation and nightlife options by state across the country. WalletHub said it used 26 metrics to determine which states fared best, including good weather, quality beaches and the number of restaurants, movie theaters, golf courses, fitness centers and more.

California scored 61.57 out of 100 in the ranking, while Florida came in second with a few points less at 58.21. New York is right on Florida’s heels, coming in third but less than one point behind the state with 57.85.

Washington, in fourth place, scored a 51.12. Colorado, Nevada, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Oregon and Texas rounded out the top 10.

But if just nightlife were considered, Nevada would come in first, according to WalletHub — presumably thanks to Las Vegas.

West Virginia was at rock bottom in the list, along with Mississippi at No. 49.

At least one Floridian accepts California’s supremacy as the most fun state in the union.

“Considering all those beaches and mountains and vineyards and that recreational weed, we’re gonna give it to Cali,” Connie Ogle wrote in the Miami Herald, “even though earthquakes are awful and wildfires are worse and also we don’t want to taste cilantro in every damn thing we eat.”

Ogle suggested that WalletHub should add alligator sightings and traffic to improve Florida’s standing next year. But could any number of gators outweigh Los Angeles’ traffic at rush hour?

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