‘#YachtCocaineProstitutes’ boat is for sale. What the owner told reporters about Devin Nunes

A tweet showing the Alpha Omega yacht.
A tweet showing the Alpha Omega yacht. Fresno Bee file via Twitter

Robin Baggett and Devin Nunes are still friends.

“Good friends,” according to KQED’s The California Report, which quoted the vintner and managing partner of Alpha Omega Winery in a story on Wednesday.

Baggett’s relationship with the Tulare congressman was thrown into the national spotlight last year, following a Fresno Bee story that became the center of Nunes ‘ 2018 reelection campaign and a $150 million defamation suit against the McClatchy Company.

That suit spawned its own Twitter hashtag (#YachtCocaineProstitutes) earlier this month.

That yacht is now for sale, according to the KQED story. The 59-foot Carver 57 Voyager has been on the market for 50 days with a price of $495,000, according to a listing on

The listing includes pictures of the boat. The sale has nothing to do with the headlines, Baggett told KQED, but the price might drop because of the connection to Nunes, he added.

Baggett also owns Tolosa Winery in San Luis Obispo County and another winery in Spain.

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