A stranger pulls dad, son from the ocean — onto an isolated beach with no way out

A 10-year-old boy was playing near the edge of a cliff and tumbled into the Pacific Ocean on Saturday — and when his father tried to rescue him, the pair was swept away, California authorities said.

Yet someone saw it happen — and the good Samaritan who saw them struggling jumped in the water and helped them get to shore at Cowell Ranch State Beach, the California Highway Patrol said in a Facebook post.

Still, they weren’t out of the woods yet: The beach they got back to was surrounded by rough water and the steep cliffsides of Half Moon Bay, according to the CHP. They couldn’t get off the beach by themselves.

“Unfortunately, they were swept to a location that was inaccessible due to steep cliff walls and ocean waves,” the CHP said.

Firefighters from Cal Fire rappelled down cliff faces to the beach to help rescue the father and son, “who were cold, but not severely injured,” the CHP said.

A CHP helicopter then landed on the beach and airlifted the two to safety, according to the CHP. Information was not immediately available regarding whether the good Samaritan had to be rescued as well.

The father and son “are lucky to be alive,” the CHP said in its Facebook post, which included video of the rescue.

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