Video shows fast-moving ‘fognado’ rolling over Santa Cruz beach

San Luis Obispo County residents have seen some turbulent weather this week, but beachgoers in Santa Cruz experienced something even more bizarre.

A video shot Wednesday by Julia Elman at Natural Bridges State Beach shows a fast-moving wall of fog that arrives and disappears in about 2 minutes.

Two versions of video can be seen: The first is a timelapse, and the second shows the event in real time. About 2 minutes after the wall of fog arrived and temperatures reportedly dropped, blue sky broke through again.

In a story posted on, meteorologist Lee Solomon said the “fognado” — a term apparently coined by beachgoers that day — was likely either a gravity wave, a sea breeze front or a roll cloud.

PG&E meteorologist John Lindsey said it may have been a “very weak cold front coming through the area.”

Lindsey said it was “pretty unusual” and not something typically seen on the Central Coast.