Business advice: Follow your passions, ignore the naysayers

Lee Bren
Lee Bren

In my business career, the very best advice I have received was ignoring business peers who advised me not to start my own private finance/equipment leasing company.

By nature, I am a contrarian. I look at the business world as a blessing in the United States, where measured risk is balanced with upside opportunities. And so I ignored my peers’ suggestions and assembled a team of talented employees who possessed a passion for success.

In the end, we succeeded and built and sold a company (Epic Funding Corporation) that eventually became the 45th largest bank-owned company in the United States. All employees were rewarded with stock options, and they participated in the rewards for their endeavors.

The moral: Follow your passions, ignore the naysayers and stay true to yourself.

Lee Bren, San Luis Obispo

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