PolyPay offers services for merchants from its SLO headquarters

Jamie Barlett is chief executive officer of PolyPay, based in San Luis Obispo.
Jamie Barlett is chief executive officer of PolyPay, based in San Luis Obispo.

Jamie Barlett’s mission is to empower business owners by taking the frustration out of processing sales or managing inventory.

Her company, PolyPay, which partners with First Data, the leading merchant processor in the United States, offers merchant processing services for businesses, including locally owned Big Sky Cafe, Festival Mozaic, Luna Rustica and Sylvester’s Burgers. Barlett calls PolyPay a “one-stop” shop because it provides its own point-of-sale software, hardware and 24-hour customer support so that no issue goes unanswered.

To Barlett, skillful communication, integrity and honesty are keys to success in the industry and will set PolyPay apart from competitors in what has become a “swollen space,” she said.

“So many merchants are tired of getting overcharged for technology that’s too costly and that they can’t understand how to use,” Bartlett said.

The daughter of a former banking and credit card executive was immersed in the banking, technology and credit card industry growing up. A Michigan native, she earned an MBA from Pepperdine.

After years working in project management, human capital, sales, special projects and in other capacities for Accenture and Pacific Gas & Electric Co., Barlett decided the time was right to step out on her own.

Barlett, who has lived in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Orange County, moved to San Luis Obispo a few years ago to be closer to family and build her business.

San Luis Obispo is a tight-knit community where networking, relationships and having an excellent reputation are highly prized, she said.

“I think launching a business in a city like San Luis Obispo makes one work even harder to develop a quality service and solution,” she said.

Barlett is ready to take the company to the next level nationally and internationally and is expanding throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico. PolyPay has a sales presence in Seattle, Los Angeles, Denver and Dallas.

San Luis Obispo, where Bartlett has been able to cultivate local talent, will always be the company’s headquarters, she said.

“This represents the heart of the merchant,” said Barlett, whose open office space, filled with cubicles enclosed in glass, overlooks downtown SLO.

“Higuera Street is Main Street. It’s the epitome of small and mid-sized businesses, and it’s where we plan to make our mark.”

PolyPay is paving the way with Cal Poly students and graduates. Several of PolyPay’s senior executives are Cal Poly graduates in marketing, business, computer science, engineering and entrepreneurship.

“The graduates from Cal Poly are sophisticated, exposed to the latest in business and technology and arrive ready to build their executive acumen,” she said.

“It has been quite an undertaking to develop our own technology for the merchant processing industry, and our team has worked very hard over the past year to build it. We are constantly evolving each day. Every new business has obstacles, but we have overcome those because of the talent we have on board. Our employees lead our success.”