Daily Systems points way to future of electronic payment

Rene Oliver is CEO and president of Daily Systems in Paso Robles.
Rene Oliver is CEO and president of Daily Systems in Paso Robles.

Editor’s note: This is another in an occasional look at technology businesses operating in San Luis Obispo County.

Rene Oliver is harnessing technology that’s changing the way companies sell products and keep track of sales.

Daily Systems, the Paso Robles firm he started in 1999, develops and manufactures iAPS mobile devices (Accept, Print and Scan) that allow businesses to accept credit cards, print receipts and scan barcodes.

“It allows any business to go to their customers,” said Oliver, president and chief executive officer. “It’s for the clerk on the showroom floor and the peach grower at a farmers market. It’s for the busy customer and the merchandiser who need both electronic record-keeping and intuitive ease of use.”

The devices serve as an interface between the printer and the PDA (personal data assistants), and are in the form of a “sled” that fits around an iPhone or iPod, Oliver said.

He counts among his competition VeriFone, which offers electronic payment devices that companies and organizations can use at the point of sale.

“Mobile (point-of-sale) is going to be as indispensable as the cellphone and more common than the ATM,” predicted Oliver.

He had been contemplating such a system about a decade before he founded the company.

“We had to wait for the technology to catch up to my idea, however,” he said. “The Apple iPhone is that technology. Now, we have a platform that not only enables my product to function but also allows us to expand in ways that I could never have imagined before the iPhone.”

Daily Systems customers include HP, Gaylord Hotels, In Ticketing, Nova Dia Group, Pronto Wash and The Nebraska Book Company. It also has strategic partnerships with Apple, AT&T and HP, he said.

The company has deployed thousands of units, Oliver said, and Daily Systems has several projects planned “in the near future” and will launch new products next year. He declined to provide details, saying only that the “common theme is that we are helping companies realize their market potential.”

“We’ve been in talks with a wide array of companies, and all are excited about what our product can help them accomplish,” Oliver said. “Companies see what our product can do and begin to imagine the possibilities. We expect to do for the point-of-sale and the cash register what the Apple is doing for the phone.”