SLO law firm changes name

San Luis Obispo-based law firm Sinsheimer Juhnke Lebens & McIvor has changed its name to reflect evolving ownership.

It is now called Sinsheimer Juhnke McIvor & Stroh to reflect the departure of Tom Lebens and the contributions of Herb Stroh, who has been a principal at the firm since 2007.

In addition to Stroh, partners in the firm last year were Roger Frederickson, Dave Juhnke, Tom Lebens, June McIvor and Warren Sinsheimer.

Lebens, a patent lawyer, had been working as a partner at two firms: Sinsheimer Juhnke Lebens & McIvor and the national law firm Fitch Even Tabin & Flannery.

The two firms had a contractual relationship until they decided recently that it did not make business sense to continue it, Lebens said.

However, he has not strayed too far; Lebens still rents the same office at what is now Sinsheimer Juhnke McIvor & Stroh while managing the three West Coast offices of Fitch Even Tabin & Flannery.

He is president of the Cal Poly Alumni Association and is on the National Board of Directors for the American Youth Soccer Organization.

Frederickson left in August to start his own firm in downtown San Luis Obispo specializing in civil litigation, real property litigation and business law.

Frederickson, a captain in the National Guard, also serves in the Judge Advocate General Corps.

What is now called Sinsheimer Juhnke McIvor & Stroh was founded by Sinsheimer in 1978 and specializes in business transactions, business litigation, trust and estates, intellectual property and real estate.

Juhnke was recently named the San Luis Obispo Chamber of Commerce Citizen of the Year.