Wines for Humanity kicks off in San Luis Obispo County

Cambria resident Paulla Ufferheide is a local representative for Wines for Humanity. The Chicago-based company’s focus is to alleviate homelessness for families by holding in-home wine tasting and giving $2 from every bottle sold to a charity that helps struggling families.

Like the founder of Wines for Humanity, Anton Steinhart, Ufferheide has seen people who are on the outs, has contrasted those lives with her own and has chosen to give back to the larger community.

Both drew on their knowledge of the wine industry, a knowledge acquired in Ufferheide’s case during a lengthy stay in Europe.

Since its foundation in 2007, Wines for Humanity has raised about $180,000 for the prevention of homelessness in families with children, according to its website.

It is just getting started in San Luis Obispo, and Ufferheide says the group is looking for charitable organizations that deal with families with children that are homeless.

Wines for Humanity is also looking for people to host in-home wine tastings.

Ufferheide invites those in either category to contact her at