Biz Buzz: More financial trouble ahead for Weyrich

Paso Robles businessman David Weyrich continues to face financial challenges involving his personal as well as business assets.

In two of the most recent developments, he and his wife, Mary Weyrich, have been issued a notice of trustee’s sale foreclosing on their Cayucos beach home on Studio Drive. Weyrich’s North American Jet Charter company has also been ordered by the state Labor Commissioner to pay more than $100,000 in wage claims and penalties.

The unpaid balance owed on the Weyrichs’ beach house, including interest and costs, is about $2.7 million. The property will go up for public action April 21 on the San Luis Obispo County Courthouse steps.

Last month, Weyrich also lost major holdings in wineries, vineyards, hotels and his Paso Robles home to foreclosure for failure to pay his debts.

The wage claims filed as early as 2008 by six North American Jet Charter employees included complaints that Weyrich had not paid them their final wages, accrued vacation pay, flight pay or other reimbursable business expenses.

The company had also been sued by lenders claiming he owed them at least $21 million. They ultimately repossessed his planes and the company was effectively shut down. Weyrich has continued to operate the Paso Robles Jet Center at the Paso Robles Municipal Airport, but he failed to maintain minimum fuel standards because of nonpayment to his fuel vendor and recently agreed to give up that fuel service lease by September of this year. Weyrich has been penalized by the state for $7,000 to $9,000 per employee claim, according to the labor commissioner’s orders. The latest award to a North American Jet Charter worker was granted by the Department of Industrial Relations in the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement on March 4.

As previously reported, Weyrich has also been sued by the labor commissioner for allegedly owing employees at his Atascadero Carlton Hotel $450,000 in back pay and penalties.

The hotel’s restaurant and bar have also lost their seller’s permit and have been shut down for failure to pay taxes.

Neither Weyrich nor his attorney could be reached for comment.

— Melanie Cleveland

Two Cal Poly alumni have become the county’s official Beach Butlerz of the Central Coast. Starting Saturday, Michael and Cecile DeMartini started a kiosk on the Avila Beach promenade where they offer a rental service for beach chairs and umbrellas and butler-valet services, from food delivery to bonfires and special event setups.

“Beach Butlerz gives beachgoers the opportunity to make an ordinary stay on the Central Coast feel like a relaxed, pampered and fun vacation — a staycation,” said Cecile DeMartini.

“It’ll be the best seat on the beach.”

Bonfire setup and special event packages will also be available through Beach Butlerz at Pismo, Port San Luis, Cambria, Cayucos and Oceano beaches.

A single lounger and umbrella rent for $22 a day.

— Melanie Cleveland