Obama jobs bill would bring Idaho millions of dollars

President Barack Obama’s American Jobs Act could get unemployed workers back onto payrolls and boost businesses in Idaho through investments and tax cuts, Boise economists say.

Here’s what the bill’s spending would do for Idaho, according to a White House estimate released Tuesday:

$160 million would prevent or reverse layoffs of about 2,500 teachers, police officers and firefighters.

$190 million for highway and transit modernization projects could support at least 2,500 jobs.

$94 million would upgrade schools, supporting as many as 1,200 jobs.

About 40,000 Idaho businesses would see their payroll taxes cut in half to 3.1 percent on the first $5 million in wages.

$20 million would revitalize and refurbish vacant or foreclosed homes and commercial buildings.

$11 million would upgrade community colleges.

Some economists said the White House job-creation estimates seem reasonable.

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