United Blood Services says O-negative blood is urgently needed

United Blood Services is issuing a critical appeal for blood donors with the rare blood type O negative.

Following the Labor Day holiday, supply of the blood type dropped to critically low levels. Donors with type O negative are urgently asked to donate in San Luis Obispo at 4119 Broad St. in the Creekside Center between Tank Farm Road and the airport, or at the nearest blood drive.

Those with other blood types are asked to keep to their routine schedule of donating three times per year, in order to maintain a steady supply.

Make an appointment by calling 877-UBS-HERO or going to Walk-ins are also welcome. Donors must be over age 16 and weigh at least 110 pounds.

O negative blood is found in just 7 percent of the population. Known as the “universal donor,” this blood type can be given to anyone, and is often transfused in emergency situations.